Benefits to owning an In Home Rehab Business

  • Low Start Up Costs
  • 100% Ownership of Own Business
  • Low Overhead
  • Patient Focus
  • Gradual Transition from Employment to Ownership Revenue
  • Little Competition in Most Markets — Not Viewed as Competition by MDs, Hospitals, Home Health Agencies or Rehab Chains
  • Ability to Focus on Clinical End of Business - IHR Focus is on the Business End
  • Ability to Lean on IHR Experience during the Startup Period

Frequently Asked Questions for a Potential Owner

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What is In Home Rehab?

In Home Rehab is an onsite or in home rehabilitation program that is delivered right in the patient's home for persons throughout the United States . Our program brings some of the most needed services right where they are needed most – we provide rehabilitation services and care coordination onsite at home.

By delivering our services in the patient's home environment - the results are clear: higher compliance, less relapse, better attendance, more complete participation in therapy and quicker recovery. For some of our patients, In Home Rehab is likely the only realistic option - especially when travel, fatigue or other barriers prevent attendance at traditional outpatient clinic-based therapy.

Many of our patients are referred by local physicians who are looking for a way for their mobility-restricted patients to benefit from therapy without having to travel beyond their abilities. Other patients are referred by community agencies that serve the senior and low mobility community. Additionally, many of our patients are referred to us from Home Health Agencies (upon completion of Medicare Part A benefits) or traditional outpatient clinics (when patients struggle to attend or arrive too fatigued to participate completely). Finally, a large percentage of our patients are referred to us because of positive word-of-mouth reputation in our communities.

Who Is In Home Rehab For?

In Home Rehab is designed for the general community – especially in areas with a high proportion of senior citizens likely to benefit from rehabilitation services but who may not have ready access to those services. Our typical patient is someone who is not truly home bound but may not be as mobile as they wish or who may not feel comfortable traveling to a clinic for needed therapy services. Some of our patients simply prefer to be seen in the comfort of their homes.

This program is not intended for patients who are truly homebound who also require skilled services as defined by Medicare. These patients are typically best served by a referral to a skilled home health agency.

What Are the Features of In Home Rehab?

We provide onsite and in home rehabilitation services by fully qualified and licensed physical therapists and occupational therapists in coordination with the patient's own local physician. The best way to think of our services is as outpatient services provided in the patient's place of residence.

Why is In Home Rehab a good idea for YOU as a prospective owner?

Because of our well thought out model, there are extremely low start-up costs in In Home Rehab compared to a traditional practice. The ongoing overhead expenses are also very low. Because we have structured our systems to address most of the business aspects of your practice you will have a greater ability to focus on the therapy that you and your associates are providing.

Our typical owner finds that In Home Rehab addresses a previously untapped market so that there is virtually unlimited potential to expand and grow your business. But most importantly, the patients you will serve really need these services – and in many cases they are not available. Lastly, you will have strong partners in IN HOME REHAB, LLC – both in our corporate headquarters and in the others who own In Home Rehab businesses throughout the country.

Who is the best In Home Rehab Owner candidate?

The best candidate to own an In Home Rehab Business is a:

  • Physical or occupational therapist with strong clinical skills and a professional focus on Geriatrics, typically therapists in this area come to us with a Home Health background.
  • PT or OT who wants to own their own business but need to avoid the high start up costs and overhead of a traditional "bricks and mortar" practice.
  • PT or OT who is not satisfied just following – who really wants to make a difference in their community and their profession.

What do I do to start?

Not everyone is ready or able to own his or her own business. Not everyone is right for IN HOME REHAB. Over the next few weeks you should work to define your commitment to IN HOME REHAB and owning your own practice. Additionally, you will likely have several meetings with Mike Renema, PT and Peter Kovacek, PT as the owners of IN HOME REHAB, LLC. You will also likely chat with our billing personnel and other IN HOME REHAB owners throughout the country.

If you have not already done so, this is an excellent time to work on the In Home Rehab Remote Associate Start Up Analysis Worksheet that is available to you to help you analyze your financial position related to getting started.

What is the legal relationship between In Home Rehab and me – as an owner?

Each In Home Rehab owner is a licensee of the IN HOME REHAB trademark and systems who has signed a management service agreement with In Home Rehab to assist with specific aspects of the business on an ongoing basis.

What are the costs of In Home Rehab - both starting and ongoing?

Please feel free to call us to discuss the costs involved - we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.

How much of my company will In Home Rehab, LLC own?

None – you will own 100% of your company. You will have a management services agreement with IN HOME REHAB to provide you with support.

What do I get when I start?

Basically, you will receive all the materials, systems and training you need to build your In Home Rehab business into a very successful operation. At start up you will be provided:

  • A full set of documentation and billing forms customized to your location, with your logo, address, phone and fax information.
  • A full set of customizable marketing materials that have been field tested and shown to be successful in helping you build your company to the size you need – at the pace you need to succeed.
  • Inclusion on the In Home Rehab web site and the opportunity to develop your own accompanying website that we will manage for you once you decide how you want it created.
  • All the In Home Rehab structures and systems that you will need to organize and operate your business.
  • Training in the use of all these systems, structures and forms.
  • All written materials delivered on CD and in hard copy. Electronic versions of all materials are included in editable MS Word format and in Adobe Acrobat format for your convenience.
  • Inclusion in the In Home Rehab owners’ forum with immediate access to other owners throughout the country.

What about marketing materials?

All of our marketing materials are professionally developed and have an excellent track record. We will help you adapt them to the specifics of your market if that is needed. A full set of materials can be made available for your review prior to start up.

How can I be sure there are adequate patients to make this work?

None of our owners has ever had a problem finding patients for very long. The best advice is to look at your market now and determine who, if anyone, is addressing the needs of patients who are not strong enough to get to the local outpatient department but who also don’t qualify for services from a home health agency. The likely answer is that these patients are just not being cared for – they fall through the cracks in the current health care system in your area. Owning an IN HOME REHAB practice will allow you to provide valuable services to those patients who are currently underserved in your area.

What do I get ongoing from In Home Rehab?

There are a myriad of support activities that IN HOME REHAB will provide to you – among these are billing, collections, corporate compliance review, continued marketing assistance and ongoing consulting – not to mention the license to use the name, trademark and systems. This list in not exhaustive – but it is a good start.

How does the billing work?

IN HOME REHAB uses the best rehab billing company in the country for all of our billing. Rehab Management Services in Cedar Rapids Iowa . We have an excellent track record of managing billing and receivables in a high effective and professional manner.

What office equipment will I need to get started?

There is not much that is needed to get started but at least the following is absolutely necessary:

  • Separate phone and fax lines
  • Answering machine/answering service/voice mail
  • Multifunction laser printer/fax
  • Computer with internet access
  • Locking file storage
  • Cell phone(s)

Do I need other advisors to get started?

In this regard, In Home Rehab is much like any other rehab practice,.You will probably need at least the following:

  • Legal advisors
  • Financial advisors
  • Rehab consultants – we will help with the regulatory and Medicare issues

How will I find and retain staff for the business?

There will be ample professional staff in your area who are frustrated by the excessive paperwork and bureaucracy of the typical therapy department or practice. Our experience is that once the word gets out of what you are doing, many of them will come and find you.

Do I have to quit my current job?

One of the best aspects of our typical start up plan is that you can continue to work in your current job as you build volume in your IN HOME REHAB business. Once the cash flow is adequate from IN HOME REHAB (typically 4-6 months) you can transition out of employment and into your entrepreneurial role much more smoothly and comfortably.

How do I get approval by Medicare, Blue Cross and the other payers in my area? How long will that take?

Our provider Enrollment staff will handle all the paperwork for you. Depending on the payer, the process may take anywhere from 4-12 weeks or more. Medicare enrollment typically requires 12-16 weeks but is retroactive to your start date so you can start treating patients immediately upon submission of your paperwork.

What if I don't know much about documentation, coding, billing and collections?

Good news – we do and we will help you in all aspects of these areas.

Will this prevent me from opening my own freestanding clinic in the future?

There are no restrictions on you that would prevent you starting your own bricks and mortar clinic in the future.

Will this prevent me from contracting my services to the local hospital or anything else?

There are no restrictions on you that would prevent you from contracting or even continuing employment in any hospital, home health agency or freestanding business. Once you get going, you won’t want to, though.

How did In Home Rehab start?
Who owns In Home Rehab?
Will they continue to be involved in the future?

Mike Renema, PT and Peter Kovacek, PT started IN HOME REHAB in 2000 in Metropolitan Detroit. Mike and Peter are the sole owners of IN HOME REHAB and both continue to be very active in its development. Both are also very active clinically – continuing to provide patient care nearly every day.

Can we contact current owners to discuss their experience with In Home Rehab?

We will be happy to provide you with all the contact information you need to discuss IN HOME REHAB with any or all of the currently owners. We are proud of how each of them has done and encourage you to chat with them at your convenience. After you get started in IN HOME REHAB, all the owners will be a wonderful resource to you as your proceed, so we encourage you to get to know them now.

Would you like to open a division of In Home Rehab in your home town?

Contact us at (586) 774-5774 to discuss how you can create your own In Home Rehab Business with excellent opportunities for professional and personal growth while maintaining the low risk and overhead using the In Home Rehab Business Model.

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