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What is In Home Rehab?

In Home Rehab is an onsite or in home rehabilitation program for persons throughout the United States. Our program brings some of the most needed services right where they are most needed — we provide rehabilitation services and care coordination onsite at home.

By delivering our services in the patient's home environment - the results are clear: higher compliance, less relapse, better attendance, more complete participation in therapy and quicker recovery. For some of our patients, In Home Rehab is likely the only realistic option - especially when travel, fatigue or other barriers prevent attendance at traditional outpatient clinic-based therapy.

Many of our patients are referred by local physicians who are looking for a way for their mobility restricted patients to benefit from therapy without having to travel beyond their abilities. Other patients are referred by community agencies that serve the senior and low mobility community. Additionally, many of our patients are referred to us from Home Health Agencies (upon completion of Medicare Part A benefits) or traditional outpatient clinics (when patients struggle to attend or arrive too fatigued to participate completely).

Who Is This Program For?

In Home Rehab is designed for the general community — especially in areas with a high proportion of senior citizens likely to benefit from rehabilitation services but who may not have ready access to those services. Our typical patient is someone who is not truly home bound but may not be as mobile as they wish or who may not feel comfortable traveling to a clinic for needed therapy services. Some of our patients simply prefer to be seen in the comfort of their homes.

This program is not intended for patients who are truly homebound who also require skilled services as defined by Medicare. These patients are typically best served by a referral to a skilled home health agency.

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